Falko Traber on a piece of string, Megastores, The Hague

Falko Traber on a piece of string, Megastores, The Hague
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Falko Traber (born October 13, 1959) is a German high wire artist. He is a descendant of one of the most traditional artistic families in Germany on a tour of France was born in Besancon. He is a direct descendant of the legendary Zugspitzstrasse artists (so the Traber-Schau since their spectacular performance in the year 1952 in the 2964 meters, the world title). Since his birth Falko Traber traveled with his family over 40 countries.

As a professional high-wire artist, his appeal made to the profession, said Falko Traber in the last few decades, a large number of pioneering World Records. For several years, he and his history as an exhibit in the National Museum in Karlsruhe to see.

Falko Traber is the last of his brothers, still on the high wire.

World Records
1978 he spent example, in Düsseldorf 10 days and 10 nights, so 264 hours continuously on the high wire.
1982 11 days and 11 nights in Alstertal Shopping Center
1996 crossed it on foot length for a World record on a 640-meter-long and up to 60 meters high wire rope the town of Baden-Baden.
1997, he in Weil am Rhein another length World Record with the motorcycle on the high wire. Here he on the rear wheel of his Suzuki special machine, at an altitude of 80 meters, a distance of 700 meters.
1999 as a culmination of his previous work, he did the same and his ancestors crossed the Zugspitze with a bicycle on only a 12 mm wire rope. In a staggering 600 meters above zero vollführte the exception Artist also a head stand at the steering wheel driving his fork.
2002 was followed by a further period of extraordinary World Records. Falko Traber spent at an altitude of about 10 meters, 13 days and nights, that 312 hours without interruption on the high wire. Absolutely unique and sensational was here that the World Record under the open sky and opened up a wildlife enclosure, in which more mature, hungry white tigers were in place. The animals had the proverbial artist likes to eat.
2006 was walking on it the longest, freely ropeway in the world - the 3S-Umlaufbahn in Kitzbuehel at a height of 412 m.