I've been shooting fairly seriously since I was in high school. My first SLR was a semi-automatic (comparable with aperture priority mode), manual focus Canon AV-1. The photography club of my high school (Dalton Den Haag) helped me to learn and explore photography like I could not in any other way. Although I do not really have one specialty, I love to be outdoors to shoot pictures. The subject doesn't really mater.

You can differentiate yourself from the speedy world around you. Always looking around for the nice things around that are only seen by photographers. Other people walk by without even looking around. The best perspective, composition, subject, moment, and lighting are things I'm always after. It's fun to change lenses and look further than the human perspective.

I'm still learning and have to learn a lot in the creative/composition part of taking pictures. This is the hardest part of photography unfortunately. I have studied at photographic design at the fotovakschool Rotterdam to develop my skills. I'm fascinated by the science of the light.

Although I make pictures for myself and because I like to, I hope at least some people will appreciate my work.

Copyright and Usage

If you would like to use any of my images please contact me (see below). I would like to see my name with my pictures if they are published elsewhere. If you want to use/print any of my images, please send me an email and tell me which picture(s) you want. I'll send full resolition versions if accepted. I like to keep track of my work so please e-mail me after your edit/publication with an url or reference to your work containing my work.

Some descriptions are obtained from wikipedia. These are published under the GNU Free Documentation License.


You can reach me through the contact form. Or you can reach me trough flickrmail at www.flickr.com.



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